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Relentless German Machine destroys Brazilian Hopes

A quick post but necessary…

Well…. There’s nothing you can say about the incredible relentlessness machine that is, the Germans. I’m gutted for the Brazilians, but even if they had 11 Neymars they wouldn’t have got close. Did Germany play incredibly well of did Brazil play incredibly shite?! A mix of both. The only way the party will continue is if the neutrals support Argentina, who have had the best fans throughout to be fair. Brazilians won’t like it but in the end the best team won. Could a team with QPR bench warmer and now Toronto keeper Julio Cesar in goal, Man city reject and old school Maicon at right back, relatively unknown Bernard fronting the midfield and completely flopping Fred really win a World Cup?! Unfortunately no. Fair play to Germany, absolutely superb, surely there is no stopping them.