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England’s Barmy Army – Part 2 – The day of the game

Following on from my previous post – (England’s Barmy Army – Party atmosphere leading up to the Costa Rica game) Our alarms went off at 7am, on a brisk, sunny morning in Belo Horizonte. It was the day of the game, my first time seeing England at a World Cup. As I mentioned in the last post, England were of course out by now, but we were going to enjoy it for what it was, a World Cup in Brazil ! We got ourselves sorted out, did a cheers for our first beer of the day, at 8am nonetheless and headed out the door towards the stadium.

The Estadio Mineirão holds 62,500 people and is the third largest in Brazil. We took a metro and then got on a bus and about an hour later arrived nearby the stadium.

On the bus on the way to the stadium
On the bus on the way to the stadium

Upon arriving, we soon noticed there was a great mix of supporters from around the globe. The walk towards the stadium was an impressive one, after passing a huge, beautiful man-made lake you can follow various streets around it, sloping up and down towards the Mineirão itself, sitting at the top.

Fans from around the globe marched towards the  in the beaming morning sun
Fans from around the globe marched towards the in the beaming morning sunshine

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War or Peace?

We’re now into day 8 of the World Cup here in Brazil. Following much in the same pattern as the Cup in South Africa, most of the headlines leading up to the kick off were negative.  There were meant to be huge protests again, great danger in almost every city, stadiums unfinished, Argentinian gangsters arriving to attack the English, all sorts.  I’ve had friends text me from England saying apparently “it’s all kicking off (going crazy) over there” after the first Brazil game. I was there, I couldn’t see anything. Even my lovely Mum text me worried saying to be careful yesterday after loads of people “rampaged” the press section of the Maracanã in Rio.

Now, I’m not saying there’s not been any problems at all, it wouldn’t be normal to have no problems whatsoever, there will always be some situations happen, especially in a place of such extremities as Brazil.  But the media love to report negativities and a bad image is soon created from nothing. I’ve been out and about almost every day of the World Cup and am yet to see ANY problem at all, bar a slight surge forward to get into the FanFest for the first game. No fights, nothing “kicking off” and no certainly no “rampaging”.  The “rampaging” refers to a group of 50 or so Chileans that tried to get into the game against Spain without tickets by gatecrashing the media room. Hardly the Brazilians fault and the matter was quickly dealt with.  I’ve seen nothing but people from all around the world, a real mixture of cultures, united and enjoying what has so far been an incredible World Cup. It’s not uncommon to see someone in a Switzerland shirt cheering on Chile and Brazilians cheer on Belgium, it’s a great experience. Continue reading War or Peace?

World Cup Fever

After the excitement of somehow making it into the England hotel last week and meeting most the players (see previous post- https://worldcupviewfromrio.wordpress.com/2014/06/11/dreams/) I barely had a chance to calm down and digest it all when all of a sudden opening match day of the World Cup was upon us. Brazil vs Croatia would begin at 4pm.

I woke up on the morning, determined to get the blog updated in time for the first match. With smoke coming from my fingers, sweat dripping off me in the warm Rio “winter”, I just about finished it in time to then jump in the shower, put on my new Brazil shirt, (when in Rome…) grab a banana and a beer and head out the door, literally shaking from excitement! Or maybe it was just from not eating anything other than my takeaway banana as the blog had taken up the whole morning?!

I jumped on a bus and made my way to Ipanema to meet my Irish mate Gary, his Brazilian wife-to-be Gabriela, along with my born-in-Brazil but raised in America fellow partner in crime from getting into the England team hotel a couple of days before, Luca. A good mix.

The whole of Rio was finally alive with the buzz of World Cup, the famous yellow shirts everywhere, every bar big and small packed to the rafters, along with a wave of people heading in the same direction we were now heading – Copacabana beach for the FIFA FanFest – a festival-esque area specially constructed on the beach to hold 20,000 fans hopefully roaring Brazil to victory. Continue reading World Cup Fever